AMEC HE Map for Minecraft 1.10.2

Updated: November 15, 2016 | 801 views

AMEC HE is a map of adventure that puts us in the ruins of Arcturus Enrichment, a place somewhat mysterious. Suddenly, when we wake up we realize that we are in a cryogenic chamber biosafety. Although not remember how we got here, and we should do now.


Soon after awakening, a mysterious voice makes us aware of our situation and instructs us and reminds us that we are doing there and how we should act to avoid dark areas of Arcturus Enrichment facilities. If you follow his instructions are likely to get survive.

This map has a custom resource bundle, with textures, sounds and texts in Spanish, so it is essential to install this package of resources.


AMEC HE Map Installation Guide:

Download AMEC HAVE 1.10.2 Map
Unzip the downloaded file.
Open the folder .minecraft/saves
Paste the folder “Amec Halloween Special” on the inside of the file downloaded into .minecraft/saves
Open the folder .minecraft/resourcepacks
Paste the folder “Amec special Halloween” from the inside of the file downloaded into .minecraft/resourcepacks
Welcome to the ruins of Arcturus Enrichment!

Download Link:


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