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Best Minecraft Christmas Mods, Maps and skins

Top Best Minecraft Christmas Mods, Maps and skins

We’ve found the best mods, skins, and maps that will fuel your Minecraft world with top-quality festive cheer.


Best Minecraft Christmas Mods:

1.Wintercraft Mod

Wintercraft Mod  brings you a lot of fun with Christmas atmosphere everywhere by adding wintry/Christmast items/blocks/events into your Minecraft worlds. You will be so surprised when Santa visits your home or when it snows in every biome.

2. Fairy Lights Mod

Fairy Lights is a mod that allows us to create rows of hanging lights (also known as fairy lights) of many colors how dyes exist in the game, i.e., 16 different colors.

3.Decoratable Christmas Trees Mod

Decoratable Christmas Trees Mod is awesome CHRISTMAS MODS. It allows players to set up their very own unique Christmas tree in their house. Let’s play this mod!

4. Spirit Of Christmas Mod

The spirit of Christmas is normally something we associate with warm, fuzzy feelings of joy and love. In this Minecraft mod things are a little different; that spirit is a magical essence that can be blasted from the end of a wand.

We wouldn’t normally condone trying to blow things up with the spirit of Christmas, but feel free to go for it with this mod. Also included in the mod are Christmas Tree spawners to plant those mandatory yuletide pines, and climbable tinsel ropes to drape around the place.

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Best Minecraft Christmas Resource(Texture) Packs

1. SphaxBD Xmas Craft

If you’d rather keep away from the excess of mods and stick with what you know just jazzed up a little, then texture packs are the way to go. SphaxBD Xmas Craft pack 1.11 changes the surface of all grass blocks to a thick blanket of snow, grows baubles on trees, and wraps up plenty of other blocks in a festive wrap. Special blocks like netherstone also have great animated textures for that added holiday sparkle.

2. HerrSommer A Christmas Carol Resource Pack

The Christmas Carol resource pack brings the real atmosphere of the season to your game. Even the mobs can’t resist, with Endermen donning santa hats and coats and zombies dressing up as gingerbread men. Blocks are redecorated with some high-definition textures that suit the winter wonderland theme, and spawnable elf helpers can lend a hand in your snow-dusted Christmas village.

3. Zaurx Craft Christmas Resource Pack

The Christmas version of Zaurx Craft includes a lot of custom things, for example .. custom sounds and music, custom textures, custom language. Chickens aren’t chickens anymore – they are Turkeys now and with CUSTOM SOUNDS! Villagers aren’t normal villagers anymore – they are SANTA Villagers and they also have custom sounds!

You’ll already have a lot of what Zaurx has to offer if you’ve installed the previous two texture packs, but it still has a trick up its sleeve that’s absolutely essential: it turns every chicken into  turkey. And since you can’t have christmas without turkey, Zaurx Craft is a necessity.

Best Minecraft Christmas Skins

You need to dress to impress when it comes to the Christmas party, and just because your shindig is in the virtual world of Minecraft doesn’t give you any excuse. Get kitted out in these festive threads and you’ll absolutely look the part.

1. HD Santa Skin



2. Christmas Elf Skin

3. Frosty the Snowman Skin


Best Minecraft Christmas Adventure Map

  1. Save Santa Map


2. The Missing Presents

With your Christmas fancy dress skin on and a beautiful coat of snow applied to everything, it’s time to go on an adventure. The Missing Presents is a short little puzzle map, perfect for filling the gap between opening presents and eating Christmas dinner. Ten chests await you, all with a puzzle to solve in order to break them open and score the missing presents.

3.Christmas Brawl Map

For Christmas, we propose you a new game, Christmas Brawl! To win, you have to kill all your friends and be the last survivor!

You can choose different characters which have different abilities : Santa, the Penguin, the Reindeer, the Snowman, the Elf, the Boogeyman or the Teddy Bear.

4.Waka Islands (Christmas) Map

Waka Islands (Christmas) Map will suit you if you are a fan of survival and adventure mode because it adds floating island. There are several islands you must traverse to in order to complete the challenges, and there are many, many challenges for those who love to complete lists of activities.

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