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Hyper Elytra Map for Minecraft 1.9.4


Download Hyper Elytra Map for Minecraft 1.9.1 It’s the “Minecraft Hyper Elytra Challenge”. This course is pretty difficult. Features: Accurate time measuring Full Multiplayer compatability Tightly balanced ring setup that leads to Difficulty that grows exponentially with your speed, pacing and strategies Hyper Elytra Map Picture: Map Trailer: Let’s Plays: Hyper Elytra Map Installation Guide: Download Map file from the link(s) ... Read More »

Elytra Flying Challenge Map for Minecraft 1.9.4


Elytra Flying Challenge Map for Minecraft The Minecraft Elytra Flying Challenge is a challenge map that just came out for Minecraft 1.9 snapshot, by Mcmakistein! This map has you trying to go through various rings and challenges and landing on the platform. This map is perfect for learning how to fly with Elytra! Screenshots: Let’s Play: Elytra Flying Challenge Map ... Read More »

Chorus Chaos Minigame Map for Minecraft 1.9.4


Chorus Chaos is a brand new, arcade minigame! Your goal is to move around (Using A + D) and dodge chorus plants by switching gravity (Using Spacebar) while collecting hearts! Try to get the highest score you can possibly get! Your High Score will be keeping track by, and all points colected will transfer to a Total Points Count where ... Read More »

Redstone House Map for Minecraft [1.8.9/1.8/1.7.10]


Redstone House Map for Minecraft It is a fully functional minecraft modern house with features like interior lighting, washing machines, working bathrooms, garages and more. Map Showcase: Redstone House Map Installation Guide: Download Map file from the link(s) below Go to Start menu. Type: %appdata%/.minecraft. Press Enter to Run %appdata%/.minecraft Search for minecraft/saves folder. If Saves folder does not exist, ... Read More »

DEAD WORLD MAP for Minecraft [1.8.9/1.8]


DEAD WORLD MAP for Minecraft Dead World is an adventure map, created by the author of Dead Prison 2, in which he plays the leader of a group of people surviving a zombie apocalypse. We are in a city overrun by zombies, and we go in search of resources and materials to continue to survive one more day. How leaders, ... Read More »

Skygrind Map for Minecraft [1.8.9/1.8]


What is Skygrind Map? Skygrind is a survival map, thought to be playing between 1 to 4 players. This map aims to give a twist to the style of map Skyblock, adding new functionalities and missions that we have to complete in order to generate new mini Islands, with new content and resources, which will enable us to advance and evolve. This ... Read More »

Death’s Duty Horror Map for MC [1.8.9/1.8]


Death’s Duty Horror Map for Minecraft You are a Soul Reaper. Get your Scythe and enter into a cemetery in this thrilling horror adventure to find and destroy “The Dream”, a powerful wraith that has escaped from Heavenly Judgement. Find secret treasures, face scary ghosts, feel the suspense and choose among 2 different endings to this story. This map is ... Read More »

The Border Chase Map for Minecraft [1.8.9/1.8]


The Border Chase Map for Minecraft In this map you must run through several parkour courses with the world border on your tail. There are six levels of different colors, each with their own gimmick. There are also three difficulties; Normal, Hard, and Nightmares. This map is very short, and will take you about 30 minutes to beat. The Border ... Read More »

Asleep Adventure Map for Minecraft [1.8.9/1.8]


Download Asleep Adventure Map for Minecraft This is a awesome map! Asleep  is a map of adventures begins to pose the following question to those that are going to play the map “do you ever wondered which happens when you’re asleep?” The map aims to delve into the unreal world of dreams through various adventures. The map presents us with a ... Read More »

Five Nights At Freddy’s with 3D Models for MC [1.8.9/1.8]


Five Nights At Freddy’s with 3D Models for Minecraft Features: A huge variety of 3D models that enhance the map A functioning power system that shuts down at night Animatronics that come alive at night Functioning Cameras Working Doors Wearable Suits Edible Pizza! Relative post: Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Resource Pack Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Horror Map Five ... Read More »