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Best Spawn Seed for Minecraft


15 Diamonds at Spawn, Mesa Biome at Spawn, Village at Spawn & 3 Temples. Best Minecraft Seeds. Seed ID: 1785852800490497919 Author: iDeactivateMC Minecraft Search Keywords:minecraft 1 8 9 seedminecraft köy seed 1 8 9seed minicraft Read More »

Best Village Seed for Minecraft


Best Village Seed for Minecraft What is Village Seed? This seed contains village at spawn, diamonds at spawn and stronghold at spawn. 6 diamonds in Village Blacksmith! Seed ID: -5266416014843159109 Author: iDeactivateMC Read More »

Cool Spawn with Village Seed for Minecraft


Cool Spawn with Village Seed for Minecraft Minecraft seed with a cool spawn and a village at the spawn! It works in Minecraft 1.9 and 1.8! Seed ID: -6202107849386030209 Author: JerenVids Minecraft Search Keywords:island jungle seed 1 7 10minecraft 1 7 10 seed Read More »

Diamond Seed for MC


Diamond Seed for Minecraft Description: This seed contains 16 Diamonds at Spawn, Village at Spawn and Temple at Spawn. Seed ID: 2466194839641607740 Author: iDeactivateMC Read More »

Great Starting Seed for Minecraft


Description: There is 6 biomes, ravine and a village in this seed! It’s great for a fast start! Biomes: Desert, swamp, plains, savanna, mountains, ocean. Seed ID: -1612847758 or TämäOnParasSeediIkinä Author: JerenVids Read More »

Epic Loot Seed for Minecraft


Epic Loot Seed for Minecraft This seed contains 9 Diamonds at Spawn, 2 Villages at Spawn & 2 Temples at Spawn. Seed Co-ordinates: 1st NPC Village at Spawn x: 157 y: 63 z: -372 2nd NPC Village at Spawn With Blacksmith x: 208 y: 65 z: -15 1st Desert Temple at Spawn x: 283 y: 64 z: -161 2nd Desert ... Read More »

Best Starter Seed [1.8.9/1.8/1.7.10/1.7.9/1.7.5]


Minecraft Best Starter Seed For Minecraft 1.8 in 2014. Best Minecraft Seeds – Villages at Spawn, 3 Diamonds at Spawn, Desert Temple at Spawn, Dungeon at Spawn and more! This Seed contains an EPIC Savanna Spawn, overall this has 6 Villages, 4 Desert Temples, Diamonds, Golden Apples, Strongholds & more! Seed ID: -6623707928931058905 Seed contains: A Savanna Biome spawn with ... Read More »

12 Dungeons and Realistic Terrain Seed


Enjoy! 12 Dungeons and Realistic Terrain Seed for Minecraft This seed spawns you a realistic terrain area which is great for building! You are also located near many dungeons, all of which are listed below! Seed Co-ordinates: Spider Dungeon x: (-60) y: (33) z: (170) Zombie Dungeon x: (62) y: (50) z: (0) Zombie Dungeon x: (-82) y: (45) z: (-22) ... Read More »

Cave Seed Minecraft 1.8.9/1.8


Cave Seed Minecraft 1.8.9/1.8 Cave Seed Minecraft survival island seed doesn’t look like anything too special at first glance. The game starts on small, barren sand and grass island. There are trees on a close neighboring island, so it’s definitely possible to exist, but why bother? Well, there is actually a lot to explore (and mine). On one corner of the ... Read More »

iBallisticSquid Seed 1.8.9/1.8


iBallisticSquid Seed minecraft description: iBallisticSquid Seed spawns you in a beautiful forest flower biome which is complemented by 2 dungeons! The stronghold is a connected to a massive cave system with ravines cutting through. SPAWN POINTS Works with Minecraft 1.8 X: -40 / Y: 65 / Z: 100 Seed Co-ordinates: Dungeons: x: (-174) y: (13) z: (201) (Zombie) x: (-311) ... Read More »