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If one is new to Minecraft and doesn’t know what do, he should consult this page for helpful tutorials that will help.

How to Start a Simple Minecraft Server

This Guide Allows Users to Create and Play on a Personalized Minecraft Server Choose the server that fits your needs. If you are comfortable in Linux and have no problem using the command prompt in windows then many advanced servers are out there including guides on how to use them. This guide specifically informs the user how to set up a generic Minecraft server using the basic …

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How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft


Creating a Nether Portal in Minecraft allows the player to enter the Nether. The Nether is a completely different world with different types of blocks. Blocks in the nether include Netherrack, Glowstone, and Soulsand, each are very useful. To build a portal, follow these step by step instructions. Step 1: Make a diamond pickaxe. To make a diamond pickaxe, you will need (3) …

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How to Obtain a Large Amount of Diamond in Minecraft

Diamond is Near Bedrock, Read This for Tips on Finding It This is a step by step guide to finding diamond ore in the PC version of Minecraft . Diamond is found near Bedrock. – Press F3 and note current Y-location. Bedrock stops at the 6thlevel. Diamond is between levels of bedrock and 16 only. Diamond is best found if you dig between layers …

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How to Plant Trees in Minecraft

Planting tress in Minecraft is helpful to harvest wood more efficiently as well as landscaping. Most beginner Minecraft players deforest surrounding land until they run out of wood. Then they have to keep going further and further in Minecraft to get more wood. To solve this problem in Minecraft, it is time to learn how to plant trees. In Minecraft survival mode, you will have to mine leaves using …

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Minecraft Tips – Mining for Diamond

I have been playing the game Minecraft for several months. When I first started, I was one of those people who would just dig around all willy-nilly to find resources. I would eventually find the resources I was looking for (such as diamond, redstone, etc), but the time and effort spent simply made it a frustrating (and mostly fruitless) experience. I decided …

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5 Things Every Player Needs in Their House

What Every Minecraft House Needs – 5 Things Every Player Needs in Their House Minecraft is possibly the most raved about indy game of the day and anyone who’s played it knows that above all other things, having a house is an absolute necessity in the game. Not only is having a house a necessity, but you’ll also need to have the following things …

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6 Must Have Items when Mining Caves

Mining caves is one of the most adventurous and fulfilling tasks in Minecraft, but before you go off to careless cave and branch mine, be sure to stock up on these five items that you should have whenever you mine a cave Minecraft. Tons of Digging Equipment This just about goes without being said, but not stocking up on digging equipment when …

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How to Farm in Minecraft

How to Farm in Minecraft. Farming is useful in Minecraft if you are in survival mode. If you are in any Mode besides Peaceful Mode, you will need to eat to repair lost health. Lost health only repairs if your food bar is full. Therefore it is more efficient to grow food in Minecraft rather than hunt for it, as animal spawning is unpredictable …

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How to Make a Castle in Minecraft

How to Make a Castle in Minecraft 1 Choose a location and the materials you will use. Ad 2 The best locations are close to things you need, and relatively clear of obstructions. Flat-ish mountain tops can be good choices. 3 Terraform if your location is too hilly or full of trees for your taste. Clear out what you need, …

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How to use Kitchens Mod Minecraft

How to use Kitchens Mod Minecraft. Kitchens Mod also adds rock salt. It will generate as a large deposit that is only 1 block high, and only in rock in an ocean biome. That’s because in real life it occurs when a salt sea completely dries up. Often a lake or sea will re-form over that spot. For example, beneath the …

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