Minecraft 1.8.2 Pre-release 1, Minecraft server 1.8.2 JAR,EXE

Minecraft 1.8.2 Pre-release 1  is ready for your testing. Minecraft 1.8.2 Pre-release 1 for platform Windows, linux,MacOS, Other. Broadcasting to your computer or mobile device, fighting back Zombie attacks with hard-hitting facts, this is MINECRAFT NEWS! New info this week on the upcoming 1.8.2 update with the first pre-release hinting at Christmas secrets for the holiday break, as well as Dinnerbone’s new ... Read More »

Minecraft 1.8.1 Official Download, Minecraft server 1.8.1 JAR,EXE


Minecraft 1.8.1 Official Download fixed bugs,Minecraft server 1.8.1.jar, Minecraft_server.exe. Minecraft 1.8.1 for platform Windows, linux,MacOS, Other. Mojang Team has just released a new version of Minecraft, 1.8.1, which brings a bunch of new optimizations and bug fixed. It’s 100% compatible with 1.8, and comes with extra hugs. Please make sure that you are in the correct server mode (online mode/offline mode) when ... Read More »

Minecraft 1.8.1 Pre-release 3 with more Bugs fixed


Minecraft 1.8.1 Pre-release 3  is ready for your testing. Minecraft 1.8.1 Pre-release 2 fix some small issues of 1.8 such as: can’t play LAN whilst offline, Falling blocks do not animate, Unable to hit the ender dragon. We have released 1.8.1-pre 3 to fix even more issues: Slow (Choppy) Rotating Beacon Block Experience Orbs invisible for one second right after spawning Withers trapped ... Read More »

Minecraft 1.8.1 Pre-release 2 with Bugfixes


Minecraft 1.8.1 Pre-release 2 with Bugfixes Good News: Minecraft 1.8 seems to bring the players a lot of awesome features although 1.8 also exists some unfortunate bugs. That’s why 1.8.1 now aims to fix those bugs.  UPDATE: Minecraft 1.8.1 PRE-RELEASE 2 FIXES THE FOLLOWING:  Can’t play LAN whilst offline  Falling blocks do not animate  Unable to hit the ender dragon Please ... Read More »

Bountiful Update Minecraft 1.8 Official Download Fix Bugs


Bountiful Update Minecraft 1.8 Official Download Fix Bugs  by Mojang .This update is now published to the launcher! Your game should be updated automatically. The 1.8 update is now published to the launcher! Your game should be updated automatically. Because this is important, let me repeat that last sentence: Please make sure that you are in the correct server mode (online ... Read More »

Minecraft 1.8 Pre-Release 2


Download update fix bugs Minecraft 1.8 Pre-Release 2 Video review: Minecraft 1.8 Pre-Release 2 is now available and fixes the following issues: Crashes when populating a chunk with empty (void) columns Thrown splash potions have the colour of water Inverted Daylight Sensor doesn’t drop anything when mined Item frames do not work outside 524289 x -524288 coordinates Placing Redstone dust on ... Read More »

Download Update Minecraft Snapshot 14w33a


Download Update Minecraft Snapshot 14w33a fix bugs All Snapshot 14w33a will allow new items and features This snapshot adds tons of new features, all of them disguised as bugfixes. Minecraft Snapshot 14w33a Video : Bugs fixed: Tab support is not possible with player names when using the ‘/playsound’ command Placing torches on other torches Upside down stairs have hitbox of regular stairs / ... Read More »

Minecraft Snapshot 14w28b Fix Bugs


Download Minecraft Snapshot 14w28b Fix Bugs Update: Snapshot 14w28b has been released to fix lots of bugs and adds a few more optimizations. How to download 1.8 (14w 28b) fix bugs snapshot for Minecraft   Video: Bug Fixed: Unnecessary delay of “Done” button in the resource pack selection menu /summon and /setblock cannot specify chests, furnaces, dispensers, rails and droppers orientation On the /help menu it shows /clear ... Read More »

Minecraft 1.7: Snapshot 13w36b


Minecraft 1.7: Snapshot 13w36b Update: Snapshot 13w36b has been released. Instructions to download the client & server are below. Fixed bugs: Chat concurrency issues Mesa biome spawn Server Console: Debug Messages? TranslatableComponent Enchantments are not displayed on item’s tool tip / Enchantments do not work at all Can’t obtain achievement “Beginning?” Unable to take screenshot in GUI Attacks show enchanted particles ... Read More »

World update Minecraft 1.7.10 Official Download


World update Minecraft 1.7.10 Official Download: Download and update Minecraft 1.7.10 Official. What is update Minecraft 1.7.10? Minecraft 1.7.10 has been released. It’s mostly new features and fixes for Realms, but who knows what other things it may contain! Personally, I’m really excited about the world uploader. It let’s you bring local worlds to Realms so they can be enjoyed by your friends 24/7! ... Read More »