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How to Dig for Diamonds in Minecraft

Have you seen players on Minecraft (a wonderfully addictive and creative indie game for all ages) with diamond tools and armor? Have you ever wanted to find diamonds but no such luck has turned up? Diamonds are a valued and rare item in the game of Minecraft. You can use them to create the most powerful and effective tools and armor in the game. This guide will show you several different methods of effective diamond mining underground without using any cheating or hacking.


All of these methods will require a plentiful supply of torches, extra wood, a bucket of water and pickaxes and shovels (stone or iron ones will work best). If you plan on mining on easy, normal or hard mode, then you’ll want to bring food and some kind of weapon (sword or bow and arrows) along for safety. If you are building a permanent, main mine, make sure it’s near your house so you can easily go in and have access to resources you need.

Two Block Mining

This method is the simplest and quickest. If you want to dig a temporary mine to dig out a few diamonds (and you won’t be returning to the mine again), then this is the mine for you. It’s very easy and good for finding many different types of ore, not just diamonds, such as iron or redstone. Simply go to a high vantage point where there is a space of two blocks side by side that you’re going to dig down. An area at the top of a mountain, cliff or hill is best for this technique. Starting at a higher point will allow you to gain more resources hidden inside a mountain, rather than starting on flat ground at sea level.

Dig down by digging out two blocks side by side. Continue digging two adjacent blocks down, deep into the earth. Make sure you never dig out the block that’s directly underneath you. When digging, stand on one block and dig out the other adjacent one. Then, switch positions to the newly dug block to dig the previous one that you were standing one. This is to prevent you from accidentally falling into a cave or pit of lava. Falling into lava means almost certain death, unless you have a bucket of water with you to douse it out. You should find a fair amount of coal, iron, diamonds and cave systems to explore using the two block method. Make sure to light up the walls as you go if it gets dark.


You can continue digging using the two block method until you hit bedrock (it’s a grayish black rock material that you can’t destroy). Once you’ve reached bedrock, you can no longer dig any further because the bedrock marks the limit of blocks you can dig down.

To get back up to the surface, simply build a tower back up using the materials like cobblestone or dirt that you’ve been collecting during the digging process. To build a tower, hold your building tower material and simply jump while placing the block underneath you. To quickly build a tower to ascend to the surface, hold down the space bar and keep clicking the block under you.

Strip Mining

This is a very popular method for many Minecraft players to find diamonds. Compared to a two block mine, a strip mine is much larger and is usually returned to for more digging time after time as a player’s main ore resource. You’ll need lots of space, plenty of ladders and digging equipment, depending on how big you want your mine shaft to be. You are going to be digging down, making a mine shaft in a square shape. A good mine shaft size would be a 4X4 or 6X6 block hole. Obviously, a larger sized mine shaft, such as an 8X8 shaft, will take much longer to dig than a 4X4. An average 4X4 mineshaft dug all the way to bedrock from sea level should take a little less than an hour, though it will depend on how good your tools are. Make sure to put torches all around your mine shaft and be sure to put down ladders as you dig.

Once you’ve finally finished your mine shaft, count about 16 blocks above the first bedrock you hit. Dig a space at least 1X2 that you can fit into and carve out a tunnel, with the 16th block as the one above your head if you went into the tunnel. You can enlarge this tunnel to increase your chances of finding diamonds. This is where you’ll find the most diamond and redstone in your strip mine. Keep digging around in this area until you find diamonds. If you have no luck on this level, try digging at bedrock. Sometimes, diamonds can be found on bedrock level as well, but you need to have patience.

Staircase Mining

This type of mining is favored by Minecraft beginners. Simply dig downwards and in front of you in the shape of a staircase going down. This method is good for finding caves as well as many different types of ore. You can use this as a main mine but climbing the stairs can be a bit of a hassle all the time. As always, put down torches everywhere so mobs won’t spawn in your mine.

Grid Mining

This mining method is used by experienced Minecraft players. First, go down to the level with the 16th block above your head by using the strip, two block or staircase method. Dig in different directions: north, west, east and south. You are going to make these tunnels long and narrow to save time. Connect your north, south, east and west tunnels using shorter tunnels to connect all tunnels at planned distances. For example, you connect the tunnels every four blocks with short tunnels. The number of blocks in between the short, horizontal tunnels is up to you. The lower the number, the more likely you’ll find diamond, but the more time it’ll take.

The point of grid mining is to design the entire “floor” so if viewed from above, the tunnels you make would look like a big grid with even, symmetrical squares on all sides. This method works particularly well for finding diamonds.

To make your grid mine even bigger, after you are finished carving out an entire “floor,” go below two blocks and start a new grid mine directly below. Make sure it is two blocks below, not one. If it’s only one block below, you won’t be able to maximize your chances of finding diamonds because the blocks above you are just the ones you see below you on your first floor. Alternately, instead of digging two below, dig one block below for your second floor but offset the tunnels so they’re not aligned directly below the tunnels above. That way, you’re still seeing new blocks that will possibly contain diamonds.

All these Minecraft mining methods will take time, patience and dedication. Don’t be put off if you can’t find diamonds right away. If one method won’t work for you, switch to a different one and be assured that diamonds will be found eventually. Note that there are many different ways of mining, and this guide has only shown you a few. If you’re feeling creative, try coming up with your own method of effective mining that will maximize your chances of diamonds and other ore.

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