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How to Install Minecraft 1.8.6 on Your PC

Independent gaming is becoming a far bigger thing than it has been in the past. And one of the newest winners in the revolution that allows a good idea to make a splash on the internet is Minecraft a game that was made by a single person. But because this is something that was made in someones basement there are part of this that are not as user friendly as some other games, and installing Minecraft is not the easiest game to instal but it is not all that difficult either.


The first thing to do is go to minecrafts homepage. You can find this Minecraft 1.8.6 Download

or go to www.minecraft.net. Once there you will see a couple of choices. If you just want to see what people are talking about then you can play minecraft classic.

Minecraft classic can be played in a browser and is free. If you want to play the single player the single player link will take you to the game, though you can not save anything unless you log in. For multiplayer you will be given a list of servers which people are hosting. To use one of these you need to log in, but registering is very easy. Once you’ve done that simply click on the server you want to play on.

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If you want to see more of the features then you are going to need to play Minecraft Alpha. If you want to play this you’ll have to buy it, but the good news is that if you buy it now while it is in alpha you will get it for considerably less than it costs later. This is very easy, though you will want to use paypal to do it.

For most users the actual installation will be very easy. If you are running windows all you have to do is download the program and click on it and follow some simple directions. On mac you will have to use a zip file, which adds one step as you have to extract the file first but it still is not difficult.

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The only other issue that you might run into is the need for java. If you do not have this you can download the most recent of the java programs for free.

This is not the easiest of games to play or install at this point and you will want to check the wiki because this is the closest to a tutorial you are likely to find.

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