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How to Reliably Get Sulfur Minecraft


How to Reliably Get Sulfur Minecraft

TNT is one of the rarer materials in Minecraft, second only to Diamonds and Clay. The bright side is that it’s only rare because it can be dangerous to get the needed materials, not because the materials are rare. I’m talking about sulfur and sand. Sand isn’t a problem, just go to a beach and you’ve got it. Sulfur is where it gets tricky.


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Super TNT Mod

There are green enemies that spawn in the dark, but do not burn in the day that can explode called Creepers. Direct attacks on these will usually end in them exploding, thus damaging you and NOT dropping the sulfur you need. The solution is to create a bow and some arrows.

For the bow, you will need two things: Sticks and spider silk. Sticks can be gotten by chopping down wood and refining it into planks and then further into sticks. Spider silk is found by killing spiders, which are easy to kill if you can get them trapped in a tight corner. You will need three sticks and three spider silks. On your work bench arrange the sticks in a “C” shape and place the three spider silks next to the opening in the “C” shape. This will craft your bow.

Next are the arrows. You will need sticks, flints and feathers for these. Feathers can be gotten from chickens, which run around in the day or from zombies, who often drop them when they burn up in the sunlight. Flints can be received by mining granite. One you have the materials, on your workbench, arrange your flints at the top of the screen, the sticks in the middle and the feathers at the bottom, which will let you craft as many arrows as you have materials for.

Now you are ready to hunt Creepers. All you need to do is rapidly fire your arrows at them from a distance and they will die with ease. They won’t always drop sulfur, but if you keep at it they will.


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