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Hunger Strike Mod for Minecraft [1.11.2/1.10.2/1.7.10]

Improve Your Minecraft Food System with the Hunger Strike Mod

 Hunger Strike Mod Minecraft

Aside from building beautiful Minecraft villages, driving zombies and creepers away and creating an effective line of defense, you also need to make sure you are healthy! You may have focused too much on your weapon collection and forgot how you don’t have any of your much-needed meals. Thankfully, though, you can now get a Hunger Strike Mod Minecraft that can heal your hearts before you starve to death.

How the Hunger Strike Mod Can Help You

Only Minecraft players would understand—you can play this game for hours and forget to have a bite for lunch or dinner, but your character shouldn’t miss a meal. However, because of all the excitement and challenging tasks you’d have to do throughout the game, you forget all about stocking up on raw pork, beef, chicken or potatoes! It’s great though that you can have the Hunger Strike Mod so you can quickly heal from starvation. With the mod, you will basically have control over your hunger bars—sprinting with hunger bars, length of time a bar lasts or how much you should eat to fill up a bar and so much more. Since this is a config file, it is easily adjustable according to your own world.

Hunger Strike Mod

It’s Not Always Good with the Hunger Strike Mod

This is no cheat, though. It’s not like you will magically generate food items with the Hunger Strike Mod. If you are used to the benefit of naturally regenerating your health bars, with this mod, that will never happen. This is because your maximum hunger level is set at half of the bar. In order to heal, you need to craft regeneration, farm materials or use healing potions which is not always easy. However, each food item’s healing power is doubled which is a very good thing. If you used to need steaks to give you back four points of hunger, you can now have two hearts healed with these steaks.

Widen Your Food Inventory with the Hunger Strike Mod Minecraft

Have more space in your food inventory with the Hunger Strike Mod —stack up on enough steaks to last as you keep yourself busy hunting, farming or mining. Definitely, this is a great way to improve your food system in Minecraft. You have all the food you need and all the time required to do the more exciting things in the game.

Mod Showcase:

Installation Guide:

Here are some download links for the Hunger Strike Mod. Be informed that this mod is Forge-based, so you need a Forge compatible version of Minecraft. Once downloaded, you simply have to place the jar on your Minecraft mod folders.

Hunger Strike Mod Download Links:

For MC 1.11.2 (not yet updated)

For MC 1.10.2


For MC 1.9.4


For MC 1.8



For MC 1.7.10


Credit: Jaquadro

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