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INVedit (Inventory Editor) Tool for Minecraft 1.8

About Inventory Editor :

Being structured in existence could possibly get you effective. If you should be not but what goes on? You’re likely to spend your time with looking the material you don’t discover within the first-place, then with organizing the material you may spend your time and also the actions may proceed, however it don’t needs to be this way. In minecraft particularly when you’ve the mod with is arriving with luggage of 57 slots is just a tiny bit difficult to be structured, therefore that’s not only a little soft to arrange.

But don’t worry, we are providing you the right solution for your organizing problem, so we present you the INVedit Tool which is great when you want to handle the stuff from your chests, bags and so on.

But let’s observe just how you can be helped by this device. Modifying the mind of the people and the title, colour has become accessible, also you modify can include or eliminate enchantments on products. You are able to modify publications by changing name, it content, writer as well as whether it’s closed.

You are today given the capability to filter the things by the package, and also the product harm is shown like a club. Stocks can be edited by you simultaneously as well as products can transfer from the bill to a different. How awesome is that this device? Obtain it if you should be not persuaded however and you’ll be!




INVedit usually is forward-compatible with new versions of Minecraft, new items will just be missing.

You will need the .NET Framework 4.0 (Client Profile) to run this – you usually have this already installed. May also work with Mono or Wine on Linux and Mac, but there is no guarantee or support. If you’re an unexperienced Mac or Ubuntu user, this is probably not the right tool for you. There are a few unofficial tutorials on how to do it, but I really suggest using a different tool or mod.

INVedit Tool for Minecraft Changelogs

  • Added ALL blocks and items, which were implemented since 1.5!
  • Update for Minecraft 1.8 and 1.7 versions!


  • Add, edit and remove enchantments on items.
    It is possible to give any item any enchantment with any level.
  • Edit books. This includes title, author, content and whether it’s “signed”.
  • Loads blocks and items from the enclosed files.
    This means anyone is able to update INVedit themselves, add items from mods, etc.
  • Groups for faster access of individual blocks.
  • Search box lets you filter items.
  • If possible, displays item damage as bar.
  • Stacks items almost like in the game itself.
  • Tabs for editing multiple inventories simultaneously.
    You can move items between tabs.
  • Quick load and save.
  • Automatic updating.

Download Links:

For 1.7


For 1.4.7


Credits: copyboy

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