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Magical Crops Mod for MC [1.7.10/1.6.4/1.5.2]


Magical Crops Mod for Minecraft [1.7.10/1.6.4/1.5.2]

Magical Crops is a mod that changes the way you gather and get resources. So from now on you can plant plants gold, diamond, coal and all other resources of the game. Also grow many types of mod ores/items, such as Copper, Tin, Lead and Certus Quartz.

Besides saving trips to the mines, players who do not like to delve into the depths, increases the number of arable to those who enjoy planting and conrear their fields elements because now we can have everything you need to survive our gardens.

What can you grow with Magical Crops?

Vanilla – Coal, Redstone, Glowstone, Iron, Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond, Emerald, Wither Skulls, All dyes, Monster head, Bones, String, Leather, Blaze rods, Slime balls, Obsidian, Ender Pearls, End Stone, Experience, Nether warts, Nether Brick, Netherrack, Quartz, Dirt, Cobblestone, Sand, Feathers and possibly a few more that I may of missed.

Mod Compatibility – Copper, Tin, Silver, Lead, Certus Quartz, Sapphire, Ruby, Peridot, Aluminium, Force, Cobalt, Ardite, Nickel(Ferrous), Platinum, Thaumcraft Shards, Uranium, Rubber, Vinteum, Blue Topaz, Chimerite, Moonstone, Sunstone, Iridium, Yellorite, Osmium, Manganese, Sulfur, Dark Iron.

Food – Tomato, Corn, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Cucumber, Grape, Chili, Potato and Carrot.


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Magic Essence:
Magic Essence is one of the main items in this mod, these are used to craft the new Magical Crop which you get resources from.
There are 4 different types of Magic Essence, Weak, Regular, Strong and Extreme. To start you must mine Weak Essence which is found underground at layer 30 and below, and spawn in vanes of 1-5, once mined with an Iron or better pickaxe it will drop 1-4 Magic Essence (this will drop most if you have fortune.) You can use these weak essence to creater strong and better ones, recipes below:

Magical Crops Mod

Magical Crop Seeds:

[spoiler] Once you have the right amount and strength of essence you can use them to craft Magical Seeds, these seeds grown into special plants, the plants depends on what resource you would like to farm. Below are the recipes for each seed:

Magical Crops Mod

Mystical Hoe:
You can also make a new type of hoe with the Extreme Magic Essence, this hoe only has one current use which is that it has a very high durability, this can come in handy when having vast farming lands. The durability of the hoe is 9001, yes, it is OVER 9000! Recipe shown below:

Magical Crops Mod

Crafting Essences into Resources:
Once a certain crop has grown you have harvest it, this will cause it to drop one Essence of that plant type also 1-2 extra seeds to re plant. You used these essence in a crafting table to create your resources, this is show below:

Magical Crops Mod

Nether Essence are different, nether essence can be used to craft more then 1 resoruce:

Magical Crops Mod

Ender Essence are the same and can be crafted into more resources:

Magical Crops Mod

Nature Essence:
When harvesting your crops you may come across a Nature Essence, this is a rare and random chance to drop along with the normal drops. These are used in different recipes to craft useful items/blocks, these are shown below:

Magical Crops Mod

Hardened wool & Infused Planks:
You can use Crop essence in many other crafting recipes to craft new and useful blocks and items, Hardened Wool and Infused Planks look the same as normal wool and normal planks but if lit of fire they fire will not spread and destroy the blocks, these are also blast resistant. Recipes shown below:

Magical Crops Mod
In the image above it only shows one recipes, this is because the recipe if only slightly different depending on the block you are crafting, so if you want Oak Planks instead of White Wool, change the White wool, with Oak Planks.

Essence Blocks and Bricks:
Crop Essence can be used to craft Essence Blocks and Brick, these are colorful and decorative blocks, they have no purpose accept looking good. Recipe shown below:

Magical Crops Mod
The Essence Blocks and Bricks are all crafted in the same way, just change the Crop Essence to correspond to the color you want the Block or Brick.

Poison Blocks:
These blocks once walked over give a poison effect, but they are also camouflaged meaning these would be great to trick and prank your friends on a server. Recipes shown below:

Magical Crops Mod
To craft the other types of Poison block just change the Glass blocks to the type of block you are looking for.

Healing Block:
These are similar to Poison blocks but once walked over it gives the play a big regeneration effect, which will more than likely bring them to full health. Recipe shown below:

Magical Crops Mod
The Texture on the Heal block is slightly bugged, will fix soon, Recipe wont be changed.

Magic Stones:
These can be crafted to give powerful effects when held. If you hold one of these stones in your hand they will grant you a certain effect:
Blue – Infinite water breathing
Green – Gives you a jump boost
Red – Stops you from taking fall damage
White – Grants invincibility
Skull – Full fire and Lava resistance
Recipes shown below:

Magical Crops Mod

Infused Diamonds and Infused Diamond Armor:
An Infused diamond can be crafted to create better and stronger armor, the armor will protect you better than diamond and has the same enchantability as gold armor, recipes shown below:

Magical Crops Mod
Magical Crops Mod

Magical Food:
This is a special food that can be crafted from food farmed from normal crops. This food can always be eaten and will grant 4 hunger points and give a small health regeneration, if you are full it will only apply the regeneration. Recipe shown below:

Magical Crops Mod
The recipe will only accept one type of food while crafting, if you have sweetcorn and no Tomatoes just switch the Tomatoes in the recipe for sweetcorn.

Burning Essence:
This is a special essence which can be crafted from a combination of other essences, The Burning essence acts the same as a flint and steel but has infinite used, Recipe shown below:

Magical Crops Mod

Unstable Essence:
This is a special essence which can be crafted from a combination of other essences, The unstable Essence once thrown will cause a TNT sized explosion where it lands, Recipe shown below:

Magical Crops Mod

Herbs and Potions:
Herbs are a different type of plant you can grow, there are 6 different types of herbs to grow, Guam, Marrentill, Tarromin, Harralander, Ranarr and Toadflax. You can get the seeds from breaking tall grass, Some herb seds are rarer than others. Each of these are used in different potions. The potions are special as they give more than one benefit when drank.
The different potions are:

Combat – 3 minutes level 1 Damage boost + 3 minutes level 1 Haste boost
Super Combat – 5 minutes level 3 Damage boost + 5 minutes level 3 Haste boost
Defense – 3 minutes level 1 Damage resistance + 3 minutes level 1 Fire resistance
Super Defense – 5 minutes level 3 Damage resistance + 5 minutes level 3 Fire resistance
Movement – 3 minutes level 1 Movement speed increase + 3 minutes level 1 Jump height increase
Super Movement – 5 minutes level 3 Movement speed increase + 5 minutes level 3 Jump height increase
Ultimate potion
10 minutes level 4 Damage boost
10 minutes level 4 Fire resistance
10 minutes level 4 Damage Resistance
10 minutes level 3 Movement speed increase
Once this is drank it will hurt you 4/5 hearts of health since it is so potent. So be warned when you take it.

To make these potions you first need to craft a Pestle and Mortar, recipe below:

Magical Crops Mod

Once you have a Pestle and Mortar you can start crafting Potion mixes, recipes below:

Magical Crops Mod
Light Blue = Combat Potion
Dark Blue = Super Combat Potion
Yellow/Light green = Defense Potion
Green = Super Defense Potion
Pink = Movement Potion
Dark Pink = Super Movement Potion
Brown = Ultimate Potion

Once you have crafted the potion mixture of your choice just put it in a crafting table with a bottle of water and you will get your potion.

Passive/Hostile Essence:
These are essences that are used in the creation of Shoul crops. Passive essence have a 5% chance of dropping from al passive mobs, e.g. Cow, Sheep and Pigs. Hostile Essence have a 5% chance of dropping from Hostile mobs e.g. Zombies, Creepers and Skeletons.

Soul Crops:
Soul crops are new to this mod, these crops are similar to killing a mob, once fully grown, when you harvest them they drop similar to the mob crop it is E.g. Skeleton Soul Crop, when harvested drops bones, arrows and rare chance of a bow and a skeleton head. Recipes for the seeds are below:

Magical Crops Mod

Nether Whole:
Right click this item when in the nether to teleport back to your nether portal. this item has 3 uses. This item is very buggy and if used when nether portal isn’t in sight will create a new portal where you stand and teleport you into a random part of the over world.

Magical Crops Mod

Scroll of life:
When you right click this item it will heal you to full health, use this at the right time since it only has 3 uses.

Magical Crops Mod

Miners Dream:
When you right click with this item it will blow a whole where you stand or are facing, good for mining, caution this will destroy precious ores and gems 80% of the time. This item also when held with give you a blast resistance buff and will reduce your hunger.

Magical Crops Mod

Start guide (getting started and basic guide on how mod works):

  • First you find the essence ore which can be found layer 16 and below, these can be mined by any pickaxe.
  • That will give you Magic Essence which can be crafted to 1 of 7 new crops.
  • Once planted and fully grown you may harvest these crops giving you an food item plus 1-3 seeds and a rare chance of another Magic essence.
  • Once you have collected enough magical essence they can be crafted into larger essence which can then be crafted into Magic seeds e.g. Coal or Diamond.
  • These can then be gown and once fully grown will give a chance of dropping an essence of that crow and 1-3 more seeds.
  • Once you have enough essence to make an item you can craft it.
  • Hopefully near end game you will have a field of every time of crop making you lots of diamonds or any other item.

Extra information:

  • All food items heal for 2 hunger points.
  • There is a config file so you can change any ID’s that are conflicting.
  • The 18 blocks are meta data block and only take up 2 ID’s.
  • The magical crops do give out particles so if you have a lot can it’s causing lag turn them off.
  • Glowstone crops emit a light source.

Magical Crops Mod Installation Guide:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge 1.7.10.
  • Download The Magical Crops Mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy the mod.

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Older versions:

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