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MCEdit 1.8/1.7.10 – Minecraft World Editor

Download MCEdit – Minecraft World Editor

MCEdit is an open source world editor for just about any version of Minecraft. MCEdit was first created to allow players to preserve anything built with several old versions of Minecraft and take them forward into newer versions of the game. It also aims to be forward-compatible with future (or even modified) versions of Minecraft. It has since been improved with brush tools for laying down blocks in different shapes, integration with the Minecraft Server to generate terrain using Minecraft’s own seed algorithms, support for multiplayer worlds, and editors for certain blocks including chests and mob spawners.


  • Navigate the world using familiar WASD controls and mouse aiming.
  • Show the locations of dropped items, game entities including monsters and villagers, hidden ores, plus blocks with TileEntities and other Minecraft internals.
  • Load saved games from current Minecraft versions, plus the older Classic and Indev versions.
  • Limited support for Minecraft Pocket Edition saved games
  • Export blocks and game entities as a .schematic file to be imported by MCEdit or compatible programs.
  • Automatically fixes wool colors when importing and exporting between Minecraft PC, Classic, and Pocket editions!
  • Double-click on a chest to change its contents, or double-click on a mob spawner to choose what spawns.
  • Brush tool “paints” blocks in a round, diamond, or square shape with configurable size. Different brush modes will add new blocks, replace blocks, alter the top layer of the terrain or wear it down to smooth out rough objects.
  • “Paste” brush allows you to import an object with a single click.
  • “Flood Fill” brush will change all blocks that form a connected mass.
  • Clone tool makes a copy of blocks and entities, optionally making multiple clones in a line or scaling the copy up or down.
  • Clone and Import tools can rotate an object around any axis, or flip it horizontally or vertically.
  • “Filter” plugins let users add functionality to MCEdit by writing Python code.
  • Move the world’s spawn point, automatically removing blocks to make sure the spawn point is acceptable to Minecraft.
  • Move and rotate any player in a single- or multiplayer world.
  • Expand or contract the world’s size by adding or deleting chunks. Chunks are the basis of Minecraft’s “infinite” saved game format.
  • Create new worlds or add chunks to existing worlds. The Minecraft Server can be harnessed to create natural terrain that meshes with the world’s existing seed. Flatlands can also be created at any height.
  • “Analyze” feature counts the block and entity types in a selected area, optionally saving them to a .csv file.
  • Maintenance commands can delete all blocks, entities, or chunks in a selected region. This is useful for getting a “corrupted” world back into a playable state.


MCEdit MCEdit-2 MCEdit-3

To get an idea of what MCEdit can do, just watch this tutorial/walkthrough by a famous mapmaker:

Developer: codewarrior

To download the latest MCEdit or report any problems you may have, head over to the official site.

MCEdit 0.1.7 released.

MCEdit version 0.1.7 is now available from the links to the left, or via automatic update. Here is a summary of the changes made since 0.1.6:

( fixes a startup error for certain system configurations and non-English usernames.)


  • Block IDs up to 4096 are now preserved
  • Hold ALT to show full NBT tags and Item structures when mousing over a tile entity
  • Names and info for blocks added in Minecraft 1.5
  • “Undo Limit” setting
  • “Record Undo” option on the main screen
  • “Copy Biomes” option for import/clone tools (.schematic file changed to have Biomes array)
  • “MCEdit” menu button
  • Scrollable filters menu
  • Rotation data for several new blocks


  • Missing graphics when MC 1.5 texture packs are selected
  • “Copy Air” and “Copy Water” settings no longer cause blocks with ID > 255 to be destroyed.
  • Flickering black screen on some systems
  • Missing plant and grass graphics on some systems.
  • Entities have wrong positions in schematics after rotating
  • Captured mouse cursor is correctly released when editor closes
  • Biomes array is added to chunks that don’t have one
  • “Repair Regions” button appears again for Anvil levels
  • “Analyze” counts the different data values of unknown blocks
  • UI elements no longer disappear when the window is too small to display them

MCEdit 1.0 released:


  • Fixed rough graphics issue that could cause chunk errors
  • Fixed pocket slabs not showing correctly
  • Fixed certain high block IDs being invisible if hidden ores were enabled
  • Fixed issue loading Windows 10 Edition worlds
  • Fixed crash when pressing the block information key when there is no block under the cursor
  • Improved Linux installer’s leveldb handling
  • Fixed a filter tool crash
  • Added pillar quartz sideways directions for pocket edition
  • Added missing pocket blocks up to 0.12 b5

Download MCEdit: Minecraft World Editor:

For 1.8

MCEdit 1.8 for Windows 64 bit

MCEdit 1.8 for Windows 32 bit

For 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.10:

MCEdit for Windows

MCEdit for Mac

MCEdit for Linux

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