Microsoft created a system to build with a real block in Minecraft VR

Updated: May 10, 2016 | 1,254 views

One of the goals of virtual reality is that users are able to feel in his own body what their eyes see. However, this, in the strict sense of the word is still far from reality.

Microsoft research has unveiled a system allowing a Minecraft player to use a physical block to construct by placing this block in one or another position on a flat surface. The idea is that the player can feel is really placing blocks in Minecraft physically, without having to have a room full of blocks.


This system has a block with sensors of movement and a virtual reality device Oculus Rift, to allow the player to feel that really is by placing blocks of Minecraft in a stage of the game. This is what gives this system at the moment:
As we can see in the video only it is a prototype, so only the future will tell us if one day we can really build in Minecraft through a physical block using our own hands as a tool or the stage driver.

How about the idea of playing Minecraft only with your own hands and real block?

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