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Minecraft 0.15.0 Pocket for Win 10 Edition


The latest new! Minecraft 0.15.0 Pocket for Win 10 Edition

It is a reality 0.15.0 update of Minecraft Minecraft Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition Beta.

During the conference of Microsoft at E3 has presented the latest update for Pocket 0.15.0 and Win 10 versions, while adding a lot of content, finally added the Realms with multiplayer crossed through various platforms.

the cross-platform allowed to play in the same world Realms players who are on different platforms, either playing for Xbox one, Windows 10 , iOS, Android or those who are in Gear VR. They can share the same game world, hiring a Realms server. Another major new update Minecraft Pocket 0.15.0 and Win 10 is support for resource bundles.

But these are not all the news of Minecraft 0.15.0. Then we will do a review of the most important news of this release.

Minecraft 0.15.0 – New blocks

  • Pistons: normal pistons and sticky pistons are added.
  • Observer block. This is a block that is responsible for detecting changes of state in the contiguous blocks

Minecraft 0.15.0 – New mobs

  • Horses: The horses added to the game, with all its variants, including horse skeleton.
  • Husk or Feeble: this zombie variant is generated in deserts.
  • Stray or Errante: this variant is generated skeleton in the snowy biomes.

Minecraft 0.15.0 – generation of world

  • villages in new biomes: Now villages are also generated in biomes Taiga and Savana.
  • villages zombie: it is a variant of village that simulates being overrun by zombies.

Minecraft 0.15.0 – new objects

new eggs in a creative way: add eggs spwnear creatures in the game, such as mules, zombie horse, skeleton horses and donkeys.
lamb: Now by eliminating a sheep, besides wool, get lamb.
Arrows with effects potion: we may add effects potion to arrows using cauldrons and potions.
Armaduras leather horses: Now we can create leather armor, which can be dyed with dyes of the game, using the cauldrons. igneous charges: this object is added to the game.
Minecraft 0.15.0 – New features

  • mount pigs: pigs and can be mounted using a saddle and a fishing rod with carrot.
  • Cross-platform: Allows sharing a server with users Realms playing Minecraft Pocket Edition, both mobile, as in tablet, as in Win 10 edition in Minecraft VR or consoles.
  • Support for texture packs: Now you can load packages textures through a new folder in our facility Minecraft PE, called “resource_packs”.
    new GUI: the design has been renewed, equating between the Pocket version and the version for Win 10, in some respects, but not all.
  • Achievements Xbox Live: both iOS and Android.
  • Multiplayer with friends Xbox Live.

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