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Minecraft Farm: How to Make One Fast

Minecraft can seem a little difficult if you are just starting out on Survival Mode. With the current updates, you now have to have a constant supply of food in order to keep your health at a safe level. Even if your long-term goal is to create something huge and unique, you must have shelter and a stable food supply in order to do so. So here are a few tips to help you get started with your farm.


Getting Seeds
First off, you need to get seeds. To start a basic farm, all you need are wheat seeds which are fairly easy to obtain. To get wheat seeds, you need to break some blocks of grass until you have a few. When you have about ten seeds, you can then move on to the next step.

In order to plant your wheat seeds, you need to plow the dirt. To do this all you need is a simple wooden hoe, which you can make using your crafting block. When you use the hoe on the dirt, the dirt should turn a darker brown and you can then plant your seeds. Make two rows of farmland with five in each row and a row of water in between to help your wheat grow faster.

Speed It Up
To speed up the process of growing your wheat you need to add some torches around your small farm in order to give your crops a constant supply of light. Bone meal is also an alternative way to make your wheat grow faster. In order to get bone meal, however, you need to kill some skeleton archers which can be tough if your just starting out. They appear at night and often drop bones which, when used with the crafting table, can be turned into bone meal which makes wheat grow instantly.

Making Bread

When your wheat finally does grow, you can reap it simply by hitting it and you will get more wheat seeds by doing so as well. The wheat can then be taken to your crafting block and turned into bread, which will restore your hunger levels as well as your life source.

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