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Mouse Tweaks Mod MC [1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2/1.8.9/1.7.10]


There is no wonder why millions of people from all over the world are hooked with Minecraft. It is an addicting game, but at many times, it can also be frustrating. Those who have played the game might also encounter instances of boredom, which is basically because they need to do too many right clicks when crafting. Don’t you wish things can be done easier? If yes, then you should know about Mouse Tweaks Mod. The latter is one of the Minecraft mods that will make you enjoy the game more, and more importantly, will allow you to deliver an impressive performance that will surely make your friends envious.

How It Works?

With the Mouse Tweaks Mod 1.12, you will be able to venture into a new way to craft, which also happens to be a lot easier than what you would normally do. Normally, you will end up doing a lot of right clicking. With this mod, on the other hand, all that you have to do is to drag and drop the different items that you will use for crafting. Ditch the idea of clicking too many times. The mod can make the crafting process easier and quicker. This is perfect if you want to enjoy Minecraft but you are impatient.


With the Mouse Tweaks Mod, you will basically have to perform only two clicks with the mouse. The first one is when you have to pick up the items that you will use and the second one is when these items are placed in the crafting window. For instance if you ever have 64 cobblestones, and you want to make 8 furnaces all at once. Traditionally, you will make up to 65 clicks. Imagine how your finger will hurt after such. More so, it will also take some time. With Mouse Tweaks Mod, on the other hand, you will be able to do so within just a few seconds. Indeed, this is one of the few Minecraft mods that can help you play the game faster.

Mouse Tweaks Mod 1.12,1.11.2,1.10.2 will allow you to create and divide items with ease. It is one of the mods wherein the use of the mouse will be lesser, and most of the other functions can be done with the use of your keyboard. It is also very easy to install, and more importantly, it would not affect the performance of the other mods that you have.

What are you waiting for?

Are you tired of right clicking and interested in making Minecraft easier to play? If yes, Mouse Tweaks Mod is definitely what you will need. It will provide you with a different gaming experience. Once you give it a shot, you will surely regret not knowing this mod since the time you have started playing Minecraft!

Mouse Tweaks Mod Video:

How to use Mouse Tweaks Mod:

Config file: .minecraft/config/mod_MouseTweaks.cfg

Config setting:

  • EnableRMBTweak=1

Hold your right mouse button:

Drag your mouse around the crafting grid:

You can even drag your mouse on top of existing blocks:

Config setting:

  • EnableLMBTweakWithItem=1

Hold your left mouse button:

Drag your mouse across the inventory:

Hold shift and drag:

Config setting:

  • EnableLMBTweakWithoutItem=1

Hold your left mouse button and shift at the same time, without grabbing anything: (Mouse cursor is not visible for some reason)

Drag your mouse across the inventory: (Mouse cursor is not visible for some reason)

Mouse Tweaks Mod Installation Guide:

  • You can install it however you want.
    For example, you can extract the Mouse Tweaks zip-file into your minecraft jar (don’t forget to remove the META-INF folder!) ? this way it is compatible with LiteLoader (no matter what you put into your JAR first) and other mods that don’t overwrite the same class file.
  • Also you can install one of these: ModLoader, Minecraft Forge, LiteLoader (or two of them at the same time) and drop the mod’s zip-file into your mods folder.
  • Your mods folder is either in your .minecraft folder, or in your.minecraft/versions/[your-version-folder] folder. Please note, however, that if you are using LiteLoaderwithout anything else, you will need to either install Mouse Tweaks using the first way (extracting into the JAR), or change the extension of the Mouse Tweaks’ zip-file from .zip to .litemod.

Mouse Tweaks Mod Download Links:

Older versions:

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For 1.5.2


For 1.6.2


For 1.6.4


For 1.7.2



For 1.7.10



For 1.8


For 1.8.9



For 1.9



For 1.9.4

Download from srv 1Download from srv 2

For 1.10.2

Download from srv 1Download from srv 2

For 1.11

Download from srv 1Download from srv 2

For 1.11.2

Download from srv 1Download from srv 2

For 1.12

Download from srv 1 – Download from srv 2

Credits: YaLTeR97

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