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Minecraft is primarily a game that you can enjoy with your friends, cause if not there is no point in building an intricate building and complex if your friends will not be able to see them virtually.  Building structures from Minecraft may take a long time and effort plus a little sprinkle of frustration especially if you have monsters that are usually ruining your structure.  But what if there’s a way to play a significant time with your friend without neglecting the advancement of your building?  The latest Progressive Automation Mod made that possible.  You will now be able to enjoy the game with your friends minus the hassle of building a structure that usually last for days.

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This Progressive Automation Mod 1.10.2 features low-tech miners that will replace the blocks in your stacks with cobblestones.  It will surely become helpful to those who love to create a smooth building.  This latest feature will definitely increase the gaming experience and take it to a new level.   The crafting machine will also keep on crafting items even if your character is not present in the crafting table.

Progressive Automation Mod for Minecraft

The Progressive Automation Mod 1.10.2/1.7.10 eliminates the redundant work and finishes the repetitive task as fast as it could be possible.  Playing and catching up on the other players is not an easy thing to do in Minecraft but with this latest feature, you will surely be able to keep on crafting and building even if you are just exerting minimum time and effort.  You will now be able to automate the task, and this will surely make the game more interesting, appealing and enjoyable.

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Immediately the mod is outlined on account of convenience, and you are allowed to automate all errands you need with no limitation. The prescribed alternative is to concentrate on automating just a solitary errand at first till you started to get the hang of everything.


The mod can really offer you some assistance with getting the materials needed to craft a certain object when you end the game and only if you want it.  You have to ensure that you enabled the automation feature on the most basic task to fully enjoy the game.  You will never have to perform the same job over and over again. Minecraft has now turned into a game that is pure fun and excitement.

Possibly the best part about this awesome mod originates from the fact that these automation feature can be upgraded on the event that you want the task to finish faster  and you want to finish more work than the usual. So you are allowed to update their capacities as long as you have the required materials.  With Progressive Automation Mod you will now be able to enjoy Minecraft to its full potential.

One is “The Miner” block is responsible for undermining by us using coal as fuel. The other is “The Chopper” that acts as a tree farm, planting and felling.


  • A low tech miner that uses normal fuel. Replacing the the mined area with cobble and infinitely expandable (with enough resources).
  • A simple tree farm that and plant and chop trees.
  • A simple generator that gets more efficient as it’s upgraded.

Screenshots and Recipes:



Upgrades can be used on most of the machines in PA. The upgrades do different things depending on the machine they are used it. You can only use the same tier upgrade as the machine you are trying to use it in. You can get the upgrades back from a machine by breaking it.

RF Engines

The RF engine is the core of all RF support for this mod, all generators need at least one in their crafting recipes and any machine you want powered by RF will need one inside.

When machines are crafted they do not accept RF, to make them accept it you will need to add one of these Engines into its fuel slot. Once you do then the machine can be connected to generators and other mods cables. The energy that the machine stores will then be stored in the Engine itself so it’s possible to move the engine from one machine to another without losing the energy stored.

By default (can be changed in the configs) the engines can store 40,000 RF.


The Miner

To start out you will need to make a wooden miner:

When placed this you can click on the miner to open the mining interface. To start the miner you will need to put the following items into it:

  • Fuel – Coal, wood, anything that can be used to fuel a furnace
  • Cobblestone – Blocks that are mined are replaced with cobble, you need to supply it constantly or it will stop.
  • A pickaxe – The miner will use the pick to mine blocks, it will take durability but you can also enchant it.
  • A Shovel – Like the pick, the miner will use the shovel to mine blocks like dirt and sand.

The tools can only be up to the same level as the miner, so you can only put wooden tools in a wooden miner, and you can put wooden, stone and iron tools in a iron miner. Once running the miner will attempt to keep the cobblestone and fuel filled with the items that it mines. If the internal inventory is full the miner will eject items into the world. It will also automatically put items into any inventory (like a chest) on top of the miner.

By default the miner will only mine directly underneath it but the range can be upgraded by a single block with each additional upgrade that is put into it. You can put as many upgrades as you wish into the miner but the upgrades need to be of the same type of the miner. To get the upgrades back just break the miner.

The Chopper

To start out using PA for getting lumber you will need to make a wooden chopper.

When placed this you can click on the chopper to open the interface. To start the chopper you will need to put the following items into it:
* Fuel – Coal, wood, anything that can be used to fuel a furnace
* Sapling – You can give it any types of sapling and they will be planted around the chopper
* An axe- The chopper will use the axe to chop down wooden blocks, it will take durability but you can also enchant it. It will not however take damage when leaves are broken

The axe can only be up to the same level as the chopper, so you can only put a wooden axe in a wooden chopper, and you can put wooden, stone and iron axes in a iron chopper. Once running the chopper will attempt to keep the saplings and fuel filled with the items that it harvests, so make sure to keep the fuel topped up or else it will start to burn the wood as fuel. If the internal inventory is full the chopper will eject items into the world. It will also automatically put items into any inventory (like a chest) on top of the chopper.

The speed at which the chopper will break leaves will be faster when using a higher level chopper and does not depend on the level of the axe used.

The Generator


PA bas a very basic generator that will produce RF by burning any furnace fuels. The generator can be connected with any RF support mod pipes, conduits and cables as well as powering any adjacent machines. It comes in 4 tiers and all tiers produce the same total amount of power from the same item burnt, they just do so at different speeds.

Mod Spotlight:


  • There is a whole rake of them, you can basically OP the crap out of the mod or disable it all.

How to Install?

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the Progressive Automation Mod
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy the mod.

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Author: Vanhal

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