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Shader pack for low PC – Shader Minecraft – (Little to no FPS drop)

This is 4 Share pack for low end PC’s – (Little to no FPS drop)

Decided to do a Shaders mod thing, if someone could be interested in my favourite, low end shader mods.


1- CHOCAPIC13 Shader – http://azminecraft.info/chocapic13-shaders-mod-minecraft/

Chocapic13 full version for all forms, the best the Shaders Minecrafter’ve heard names or use. Chocapic13 ‘ s Shaders is a very special shaders, because it’s like a mod of a shader pack available.



2- Sildur’s Shaders: http://azminecraft.info/sildurs-shaders-mod-minecraft/

With Sildur’s Shaders Mod it created the graphic mode is relatively basic and well enough provided requirements on images in the game. The color component of the game is scales back the Golden tones and there can be few more special effects such as acid, curvature, the dof.

3- KUDA Shaders Mod http://azminecraft.info/kuda-shaders-mod-for-minecraft/

KUDA Shaders I introduced here next to you have the small function as increase the reflection of the image, making the image in the room more beautiful. Through the option selection to players can adjust the level of bad, pretty different. However with Kuda Shader you must have PC graphics card delivers on average a bit to be able to run it. With this Shader to install you must install the support components such as Optifine (stop Lag) and GLSL Shaders. And I strongly recommend you PC has an average configuration you should run version KUDA Shaders Lit

4- DocteurDread’s Shaders Mod

DocteurDread’s Shaders is a ShadersPack for the GLSL mod. It adds beautiful graphic effects to Minecraft like godrays, waving grass or leaves, limpid water,…

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