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Shadow Maze PvP Map for Minecraft [1.8.9/1.8]


Shadow Maze PvP Map for Minecraft

This map is called Shadow Maze, its a PvP Free For All Map, this map can be played by 2 or more people, the limit is 8 teams of 3 people. You have a lot of settings to chose for each round, this make the map replayable and fun for a long time!

Each round will last no longer than 15 minutes, players will have 10 minutes inside the Maze for getting item`s and fighting minions that will spawn at 5, 7 and 9 minutes mark (Double Wave). After this 10 minutes everyone will be teleported the an open arena where the Deathmatch will take place. At Deathmatch the walls will shrink and force players to find and fight each other.

Shadow Maze PvP Map Screenshot:


Map Installation Guide:

  1. Download Shadow Maze PvP Map file from the link(s) below
  2. Go to Start menu. Type: %appdata%/.minecraft. Press Enter to Run %appdata%/.minecraft
  3. Search for minecraft/saves folder. If Saves folder does not exist, create one
  4. Put Map file into the saves folder
  5. Start your Minecraft with this map
  6. Enjoy!

Download Links:

Shadow Maze PvP Map

Shadow Maze Resource Pack

Credits: Vecet

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