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Teleportation Mod [1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2]

Download Teleportation Mod Minecraft [1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2]

What is Teleportation Mod?

The Teleportation Mod provides use of about 50% twelve various ways to people to maneuver between point B and point A super fast. You will find swords, tools resources along with other things that may teleport the ball player to some seen area (or close) having a single-button push. Many of these products require ore to art. That may be available at a height degree of 10 or lower, meaning people who’re trying to find diamonds around B: 11 will most likely look for a several portions of teleportation ore while they’re at it. Along with all of the craftable products, this ore may also be used for developing lasting links between two places to create sites.

None of those are actually advantageous to instant movement possibly – they won’t conserve a player who enters a battle having a participant that is stronger. That’s why pearls are therefore common, but the ball player a great deal hurts with respect to the length moved. That is fixed by the Teleportation Mod.

Make the nether wand and right click. It will generate a portal nearby or teleport you to the nearest one. The second wand if you right click it will remember that place and when you go away and right click with that wand again you will go to where you first right clicked with it in your hand.

This mod adds:

  • Obsidian sticks
  • Ender wand
  • Nether Wand
  • Trether Ore
  • Teleporting Ore
  • Teleportation fragments
  • Trether Fragments
  • Flint and diamonds
  • Trether Block
  • Teleportation dirt
  • Teleportation grass

The Teleportation Mod gives players access to about half a dozen different ways to move between point A and point B in a flash. There are swords, tools and other items which will teleport the player to a viewed location (or close) with a single button press. Most of these items require teleportation ore to craft. That can be found at an elevation level of 10 or lower, meaning players who are searching for diamonds around Y: 11 will probably find a few chunks of teleportation ore while they’re at it. In addition to all the craftable items, this ore can also be used to make portals for forming permanent links between two spots.


The dimension




The Trether Ore


Teleportation Ore


Crafting for wands



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Warp Wand:

It remembers the first place you right click.

Then if you right click again it will teleport you to the first place you right clicked.


Teleportation Mod

Portal Teleportation Wand:

When you right click with this wand it will teleport you to the closest portal or generate one. Don’t think this is cheating, you have to get 10 obsidian before you can craft this!.


Teleportation Mod

Jump Wand

With this wand when you right click you will teleport to wherever you are looking.

(Where the cross in the middle of the screen is.)


Teleportation Mod

Teleportation Bow

The teleportation bow teleports the mob you hit to a certain location.

How to use:

Get some teleportation arrows and put them in your inventory like a normal bow.

Sneak and right click and it will store your current location.

When you shoot a mob with the bow it will tp the mob to the place you set.


Teleportation Mod

Teleportation Arrow

This arrow is used for the teleportation bow.


Teleportation Mod

Teleportation Sword

This works the same as the teleportation bow but you have to hit a mob instead of shoot it with an arrow.


Teleportation Mod

Flint and diamond:

Flint and diamond is used to light the teleportation portal. The Teleportation Portal is made with tp blocks in the same way as a nether portal.


Teleportation Mod

Teleportation Shards:

Used to craft the Teleportation Orb

Dropped by Teleportation Ore

Obsidian Sticks:

Used to craft the wands.


Teleportation Mod

Portal Wand Top

This is used to create the Portal Teleportation Wand.


Teleportation Mod

Teleportation Orb

Used to create the Warp Wand


Teleportation Mod

Watching Eye

Used to create the Jump Wand

Dropped be Tp mob.


Teleportation Grass:

Blue and Green Grass from the teleportation dimension. (Absolutely No Use)

Teleportation Dirt:

Green Dirt from the teleportation dimension. (Absolutely No Use)

Tp Block:

Used to create the teleportation portal.


Teleportation Mod


Tp Mob

Drops watching eye

Teleportation Mod

3D items

Warp Wand

Teleportation Mod

Portal Teleportation Wand

Teleportation Mod

Jump Wand

Teleportation Mod

The 3D Update!

Wands on ground:

Teleportation Mod

Wands in inventory:

Teleportation Mod

The portal to the teleportation dimension is made like this and is lit with flint and diamond.


How to install Teleportation Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Teleportation Mod zip file
  • Put Teleportation Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done



  • Updated to Minecraft 1.6.4

Teleportation Mod Download Links:

For 1.5.2



For 1.6.2



For 1.6.4



For 1.7.2


For 1.7.10



Older versions:

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Credits: gegy1000

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