Too Many Items Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2

Updated: April 16, 2014 | Author: Marglyph | 13,353 views

Sometimes people may find that Minecraft can be slightly monotonous. Positively the game itself is amazingly entertaining to enjoy. Nevertheless, occasionally one can be only entertained by the Minecraft updates to a specific magnitude.

Marglyph’s Too Many Items Mod could be the ideal mod regardless of the gameplay mode, for players who desire all Creative Mode’s capability they pick. Whilst it doesn’t work in online hosts, Too Many Items is the perfect application for people enjoying in single-player. It features access to spawners, a favorites list for holding the resources and things you like one of the most for quick access, and individual-switch beginning and closing of the mod: merely press the “O” key while taking a look at your inventory and the window may place right up. The trashcan feature is one worth-mentioning too.

Too Many Items Mod 1

Using the trashcan, you can erase products out of your supply, or right-click it and after that eliminate whatever objects you click singularly, or shift-click it and clearout your entire inventory in one single shift. This is ideal for individuals who adore digging but loathe hauling every one of the dirt, cobblestone and also other, useless trash back they often purchase while this. While you might use Too Many Items on an online server, you will must be a server agent to take action, and unless it’s your personal server, there’ll undoubtedly be some glitches or additional problems to deal with.

Too Many Items Mod

TooManyItems Mod Main Features:

  • Preset time change button(s)
  • Easy gamemode chage button(s)
  • Change Difficulty button(s) singleplayer
  • Delete button. Singleplayer
  • Fill health and food button
  • Save and Load buttons. (allows 7 saves maximum.) singleplayer
  • Toggle weather button
  • Favourites Selection
  • Enchant section

How to install:

Non Forge version:

  1. Open the new launcher and make sure the version of Minecraft the mod requires is already installed.
  2. Click “Edit Profile” in the launcher, then open the game directory.
  3. Go into the subfolder “versions”.
  4. Rename the folder for the version you require to something else. In this example, rename “1.7.4″ to “1.7.4_TMI”.
  5. Open the 1.7.4_TMI folder.
  6. Rename “1.7.4.jar” to “1.7.4_TMI.jar”.
  7. Rename “1.7.4.json” to “1.7.4_TMI.json”.
  8. Open “1.7.4_TMI.json” with a text editor and replace “id”:”1.7.4″ with “id”:”1.7.4_TMI”, save the file and close it.
  9. Open the class files from the mod with an archiver such as WinRAR or 7-Zip and copy-paste the files into 1.7.4_TMI.jar. Do not close the archiver yet.
  10. Delete META-INF and close the archiver.
  11. Start the new launcher.
  12. Click “Edit Profile”
  13. In “Use Version”, select “1.7.4_TMI”.
  14. Click Save Profile.
  15. Login and play as normal.

Forge Installation Guide:

  • Make sure you have Minecraft Forge. If not, Download and Install the latest version ofMinecraft Forge
  • Download TooManyItems file from link(s) below/above. Go to Start menu. Type:  %appdata%/.minecraft. Press Enter to Run %appdata%/.minecraft
  • Go to minecraft/mods folder. If Mods folder does not exist, create one
  • Put TooManyItems Mod file into the mods folder
  • Launch Minecraft using Forge Profile, then Open Menu
  • Enjoy!

TooManyItems Mod Download Links: 

For 1.5.2

Server 1 – Server 2 – Server 3 – Server 4 –Server 5

For 1.6.2

Forge version: Server 1 – Server 2 – Server 3

Non-Forge version: Server 1 – Server 2 – Server 3 – Server 4 – Server 5

For 1.6.4

Forge version: Server 1 – Server 2 – Server 3

Non-Forge version: Server 1 – Server 2 – Server 3

For 1.7.2

Forge version: Server 1 – Server 2 – Server 3

Non-Forge version: Server 1 – Server 2 – Server 3 – Server 4

For 1.7.4

Non-Forge version: Server 1 – Server 2 – Server 3

For 1.7.5

Non-Forge version: Server 1 – Server 2 – Server 3

For 1.7.9

Non-Forge version: Server 1 – Server 2 – Server 3

For 1.7.10

Non-Forge version: TooManyItems-non-Forge-1.7.10 – Server 2 

For Minecraft 1.8

Non-Forge version:   Server 1 – Server 2 – Server 3 

Credits: Marglyph

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  • Doru Kasu

    Waiting for 1.8.8 version, please! 🙁