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An ideal video game that deals with construction and building like Minecraft would not offer the player with a lot of walls as many players expect. To mitigate this wall deficiency, the Wallcraft Mod was built to ensure that people playing this game can install building materials and create enough walls to play to their satisfaction. It adds 125 new Walls to your Minecraft. Wall insufficiency has always been a problem to video game lovers, but through this mod, people no longer have to worry. This superior Wallcraft Mod gives players the ability to create different and strong quality walls from the wide range of building materials that have different colors to avoid repetitiveness.

Wallcraft Mod

It adds a total of 125 different walls to the game with gives the player the autonomy to create enough walls that would cater for his or her whole play. Using your own creativity as a player, you would be in a position to create stunning walls without any problem because you have as many tools as possible to back up any wall that you create. You need to be attentive and careful because every wall needs to be made using the same building materials for uniformity and strength as well as easy identification.

How to Create the Wall

To function wallcraft mod in creating a wall, you need a minimum of six blocks of the same material so that you attain a uniform strength and color of the wall. Obtain a chisel that would help you to interlock the materials on the craft table so that you attain your wall. Fixing is easy as long as you have the chisel with you which can be made on the Wallcraft mod 1.11/1.10.2 as well. Although the Wallcraft is easy to use, it adds into the depth of the game making it to be a bit complicated.


How Install?

It is very easy to install the WallCraft Mod Minecraft, you just need to follow a few steps, and you would be there.  First, you would be required to download the Minecraft Forge. You would then be required to download the Minecraft and save it on your mode folder. Once you complete the above steps, you can then enjoy using your Minecraft mod and enjoy building the walls of your choice. Remember there are various versions of this app, so you need to choose the one that fits you. Every mode version has its own link that you should use to download.

Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.11

Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

For Minecraft 1.9.4

Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

For Minecraft 1.8.9

Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

For Minecraft 1.8

Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

For Minecraft 1.7.10

Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

Credit: Blubbeltasche

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