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Wolion 3D Resource Pack


Wolion 3D Resource Pack improves the appearance of many items, blocks and textures throughout Minecraft, but perhaps no change is more profound than that in the compass item. Players will actually be able to read a held compass thanks to this resource pack, which significantly increases the size of the dial and makes clear the four cardinal directions. On top of that, many wooden items and constructs just look amazing, like bookshelves, torches and even simple blocks and planks. The increased resolution really helps a lot here and allows for far more detail than you’re probably used to seeing while playing Minecraft.

Download Wolion 3D Resource Pack



How to install Wolion 3D Resource Pack

  • 1. click on the yellow download link (see above), follow the steps
  • 2. be sure in which folder you downloaded the zip file (on windows vista and above it is normally “Downloads”), on Mac it will be the similar
  • 3. start minecraft
  • 4. click on “options”
  • 5. click on “resource packs…”
  • 6. click on “Open resource pack folder”, a new windows opens, named “resourcepacks”
  • 7. copy per drag’n drop the Wolion128_3D.zip from your Download Folder into the recently opened windows “resourcepacks”
  • 8. click the “done” button in minecraft, because minecraft has to reload the resource pack folder
  • 9. again click on “Resource packs…”, now you should see the “Wolion128_3D.zip”
  • 10. hover over the Wolion128_3D.zip icon and click the arrow, now Wolion128_3D.zip moves from “Available Resource Packs” to the “Selected Resource Packs” column.
  • 11. press “Done” and have fun!!!

Download link:


Credits: WolionGames

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