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WorldEdit CUI Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9.4 – GUI Visualizer

Download WorldEdit CUI Mod 1.11.2/1.11/1.10.2/1.9.4/1.9/1.8.9/1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2 GUI Visualizer


What’s WorldEdit CUI mod?

WorldEdit CUI Mod is a client-side user interface for the WorldEdit plugin allowing you to see your selected region in-game in real time.

It allows you to activity more quickly and accurately with your WorldEdit selection and is especially useable when working with Polygon,

Convex Hull and Cylinder selections.

WorldEditCUI was originally written by lahwran, it was subsequently maintained by yetanotherx.


  • Quickly create, replace or delete thousands of blocks in seconds
  • No longer waste time doing mundane activities like fix badly flowing water!
  • Quickly create basic shapes like spheres, cylinders, and so on
  • Copy areas, paste them, load them, and save them as .schematics
  • Do cool things like input mathematical expressions to generate terrain
  • Use “brush tools” to carve out mountains, ravines, and so on
  • Use your compass to quickly teleport to areas by left clicking or using /jumpto
  • Choose an area and have it instantly restored from backups
  • One of Minecraft’s oldest surviving projects (since Minecraft Alpha)!







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Minecraft 1.4.6:

  • Update to Minecraft 1.4.6
  • Substantial rewrite
  • Separate Forge and ModLoader jars
  • Put an end to tick issues (hopefully)
  • Change name to CUI, as support for non-WorldEdit mods is coming

Minecraft 1.4.5:

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.4.5

Minecraft 1.4.2:

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.4.2
  • Removed some legacy code

Minecraft 1.3.2a:

  • Fixed bug where instead of teleporting the entity, CUI accidentally teleported the player.

Minecraft 1.3.2:

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.3.2
  • Fix bug where using CUI while thousands of blocks from spawn lagged the game

Minecraft 1.3.1:

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.3.1
  • Subtle performance improvements
  • Added configuration option to disable update messages
  • Lines are no longer affected by light, always show at full brightness

Minecraft 1.2.5:

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.2.5
  • Removed chat packet interface, use plugin channels instead

Minecraft 1.2.4:

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.2.4

Minecraft 1.2:

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.2
  • Removed support for installing via mods/ directory. Installing via minecraft.jar is the only supported method now.

Minecraft 1.1a:

  • SPC broke in CUI version 1.1. This fixes the bug that caused it. SPC should work now.

Minecraft 1.1:

  • Minecraft 1.1 support
  • Fix a few odd bugs
  • Support for Cylindrical and Ellipsoidal regions (requires WorldEdit 5.1)
  • Ability to change the CUI colors
  • Check an external update file for new CUI versions
  • Move README to README.txt, for Windoze users.
  • Remove all //desel and //sel commands. These have been fixed in WorldEdit itself, and are in version 5.1

How to use the mod:

  • To use WorldEditCUI, simply make a selection on a server using WorldEdit, your selection will be instantly displayed on the screen. To clear your current selection issue the command //sel

How to install WorldEdit CUI Mod:

  • Download and install [API] LiteLoader
  • Download the mod
  • Copy it to your mods folder.
  • Note: Some browsers will change the file extension to .zip when downloading, if this happens be sure to change it back to .litemod or LiteLoader will not find the mod!
  • Run the game and bask in the warm glow of your new CUI mod.

WorldEdit CUI Mod Download Links:

For 1.5.2


For 1.6.2


For 1.6.4


For 1.7.2


For 1.7.10


For 1.8


For 1.8.9



For 1.9



For 1.9.4


For 1.10.2


WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition Mod For minecraft 1.11



WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition Mod For minecraft 1.12

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

Credits: sk89q, TomyLobo, wizjany, zml2008

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